Sparring begins at the red belt level in our juniors program and continues through our adults program. We focus equally on point as well as continuous sparring.  This is a great opportunity to apply the practical application of the skills you learn in the classroom while also providing great physical fitness.  Current student signed up for the advanced program are eligible spar.  Protective gear is required to spar.  You can purchase the protective gear through the office.

Protective gear includes:

Head Gear and Face Shield

Mouth Guard

Chest Protector for students under the age of 18.

Protective Shoes

Protective Gloves

Elbow/ Arm Guards

Shin Guards

Athletic Supporter for Boys and Men.

Some protective gear has not been approved and as a result, is not acceptable for use in the classroom or tournaments.  If you have already purchased gear please check with the office to determine if it is acceptable or not.

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