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At Ultimate Martial Arts we pride ourselves in the service that we provide as well as the family atmosphere that has been created.  We have done this as a result of the great students and their families.  We appreciate all of the reviews you have left for us.  Please take time to browse through some of them today and then, if you have not already, we would love to have you leave one of your own.

5 star review  UMA Hugo is a fantastic karate school for students of all levels and ages. Students learn discipline, confidence, and karate skills while having fun. There is a strong sense of community at UMA.

thumb Jana Voss

5 star review  The instructors as well as the ownership are awesome! This is a family friendly environment that you will proud to be a part of.

thumb Tony C

5 star review  EVERYONE at UMA Hugo is top-notch! Professional adult instructors, professional junior instructors - who all make my child feel welcome and a part of the UMA Team. We love this place.

thumb Cinde Morris

5 star review  Mr. Riser is an amazing teacher and coach. He is always positive, patient, and inspiring. Both of my daughters have been students of his for many years, and the influence he has had on them continues to be powerful and positive. They are more confident, respectful, and skilled because of his ability to relate to people of all ages, and treat everyone equally. I have an enormous amount of gratitude to him for everything he has done to teach them, and lead them by example. If you are considering having your children try this sport I can recommend no one higher than Mr. Riser.

thumb Andrew Jurgens

5 star review  This is such a wonderful, welcoming place! The instructors are knowledgeable and kind, and the classes teach respect and discipline in addition to martial arts. Perfect for anyone from young children to experienced martial artists.

thumb Chelsie Hanstad-Thielen

5 star review  Ultimate Martial Arts is a great place to learn self defense, have fun and stay fit. UMA Karate builds qualities and characteristics that benefits students for a lifetime. Concentration skills improve the performance of children and teens in school. Improved coordination helps those who are in multiple sports or anyone looking to have better balance. Confidence is gained by acquiring knowledge of how to defend one's self and by achieving goals. UMA offers different programs to best fit what Students are looking for. The preschool program called "Superkids" is a great introduction to listening well, working with others and refining motor skills. This class is for ages 3 to 5. Junior Karate classes and Adult Karate classes are offered in our Traditional programs. UMA's partnership with World Jiu Jitsu Academy gives students access to a comprehensive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system that is proven to help Jiu Jitsu practitioners reach their goals of becoming excellent grappling martial artists. There are Jiu Jitsu classes for students ages 6 and older. The Jiu Jitsu classes are separated into Junior and Adult classes as well. UMA also offers Birthday Parties, Demos and other special events.

thumb Stan Riser

5 star review  Helped my son see of his hidden talents.

thumb Elvira Dinopol

5 star review  I've never written a review before; but the amazing attention at UMA Hugo has impressed me so much I have to!! The patience and professionalism of everyone is exceptional. My 8 year old wants to go every day! This place is a cut above the rest. I encourage you to try it if you're considering a martial arts school; I'd be shocked if you were anything but very impressed.

thumb Baleen Roberts

5 star review  My son has been attending for quite some time. We truly enjoy it and I love seeing all his hard work pay off. Great discipline is taught here.

thumb Rachel Welsch

5 star review  My daughters started going to this School more than five years ago. The instructors are excellent, patient, and kind. Recently they both received their black belts. I cannot explain how powerful this experience has been for them - it has made them more confident, attentive, disciplined, and courageous. This is not a belt-mill, where the school basically just pushes kids through the system to charge as much as they can as quickly as they can. Every belt level, and every stripe on each belt is earned through hard work, dedication, and testing. Enrolling was inexpensive, and we were never pressured into any program. We chose a program after it was obvious my two daughters were really having fun and learning a ton. Eventually, the girls decided that they wanted to go for their black belts and I couldn't be prouder of them. The new studio is quickly taking shape, and the owners and staff are extremely dedicated. The head instructor, Stan Riser, is an amazing human being. While he demonstrates a great sense of humor - his instruction is serious and his teaching methods are beyond reproach. As the girls rose in belt levels everything got more intense, interesting, and more fun for them. UMA Centerville participates in many tournaments throughout the year (and encourages their students to compete) and some of my most amazing memories are of their performance in these competitions. We tried two different schools before we found this one, and we are lifers - the girls still love to go as much as their schedules allow. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about having their children, or themselves, study martial arts to come in a watch a class or two and see what you think. I believe you will be impressed.

thumb Andrew Jurgens