Martial Arts Training Programs

Benefits of training at Ultimate Martial Arts Hugo (UMA)

Our Martial Arts Training Programs are the best around which include many benefits.

Self-Confidence and Bully-proofing:

In a world where bullying can happen on a daily basis, Ultimate Martial Arts Training Programs offer students a safe place to train and also build their self-confidence. Students will be provided with the tools and techniques to effectively use their words, and thus avoid confrontation. Our students will feel comfortable and empowered to use their words first and have the ability to use their self-defense skills, only when necessary. Additionally, as students progress through the program, they build a sense of pride in their abilities and feel more confident about themselves. 

Martial Arts Training Programs | Kids | Adult | Karate Classes | HugoDiscipline and Focus:

Martial arts not only focuses on physical training and self-defense, but also develops mental focus and discipline. Training and focusing on a technique, or movement, within a form can increase your overall focus in all aspects in life, including at home or in school. Parents share with us how discipline and focus in martial arts training help their child concentrate in school.  Students also develop an increased sense of awareness to their environment, consequently increasing their personal safety.

Physical Fitness:

Martial arts training is a total body workout using all muscle groups in your body. Students build strength, increase stamina, improve flexibility as well as enhance their balance through our program. Parents share with us how our martial arts training benefits their child in other sports, due to the positive characteristics gained through our program. Also, athletes who participate in our program are less susceptible to injury as a result of them boosting their physical fitness with us. 

We are a karate family!:   Martial Arts Training Programs | Kids | Adult | Karate Classes | Hugo

When training at UMA Hugo, students are not just part of the curriculum, but part of our family at Ultimate Martial Arts as well. Students and their families create lasting friendships that  go far beyond their time at UMA!


Our SuperKids/Preschool karate program is designed to help develop early karate and life skills specifically in a fun and age appropriate environment. Superkids programs are designed for kids 3 years old to 5 years old.  

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Our Juniors program is designed for kids 5 to 13 years of age. Juniors will be expected to complete the same curriculum as our adults. 

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Many adults start in our program to improve their fitness level and strength. These classes will push a student harder than the juniors classes. Students may participate in adult classes at the age of 13. We also have many seniors trying out our classes.

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Sparring starts in our juniors program and continues through our adults program. We focus on both point sparring and continuous sparring. You must sign up for the advanced program to spar. 

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Competition Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix is the elite competition team at Ultimate Martial Arts Hugo.

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