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Ultimate Martial Arts (UMA), is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, practical as well as advanced martial arts instruction available. Continuously refined over the last 30 years, UMA Karate offers Weapons, Competition, Forms, Sparring in addition to Ground Defense training with our all inclusive Martial Arts programs. As a result, students will learn self-defense techniques, self-confidence, loyalty, honor, discipline, self-respect and respect for others.  Ultimate Martial Arts, teaches a melded form of Karate (Japanese) and Tae Kwon Do (Korean), commonly called Sport Karate.

Master John Olson, Master Rob Nelson and Grand Master Klint Klaas developed and as a result oversee our curriculum.  Each one training in direct relation to Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson.  Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson is known as the “Father” of all Karate Champions. In 1964, Grandmaster Burleson won the 1st US Karate Championship. Grandmaster Burleson was also the 2nd person in the United States to receive his Black Belt from Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee.  Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee introduced Tae Kwon Do to America from Korea in the 1950's.  UMA Hugo is proud of our lineage and moreover we are a proud member school of the World Martial Arts Ranking Association (WMARA).

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