UMA Karate

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Martial Arts come in many forms.  Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Su Do are just a few of them.

Each style of martial arts varies while each places emphasis on various aspects of those techniques.    Although they each differ in technique they all have some of the same goals. Gallery | Ultimate Martial Arts Hugo | Karate | Martial Arts

Some of those goals include self-defense and self-improvement.  Each person that trains in any form of martial arts has his or her reason but the results will always include some common attributes.  People come out of training with more discipline, self-confidence, respect, and a greater self-worth.

No martial arts instructor should ever encourage a student to use the techniques in an inappropriate way.  At Ultimate Martial Arts we have a saying, “Might For Right!”  This can mean a lot of things, but at its core is that we provide more than just fighting techniques.  We teach students to use words first.  Try to talk things out first; however, in the unfortunate circumstance that words don’t work our students can defend themselves with confidence.